Mufradat ul Nabat A Detailed book for unani Mufradat students


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The absence of Unani medicine books in electronic media has been a part of their problem. This book is an attempt to bridge that gap. This book can be seen as an attempt to collect thousands of herbs used in Unani medicine.

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This is a PDF version and there is also a fine version of kindle. Lots of functionality are included in this kindle version, You can buy this kindle book ???? from this link. Click Here.

In this book, an attempt has been made to give you almost all the knowledge about the herb. Where is the herb made? what are the names of its different languages, in which diseases it can be used and what effect can this herb have on our body, it is recorded in this book.

You will get a good reading experience of this book here. The table of Contents is designed at your convenience. Mufradat is such a subject of Unani medicine that without which it cannot be imagined.

This book became beneficial for every student who wants to gain knowledge of herbs. Mostly it can be used by BUMS students. Although for those students who are learning Ayurveda and their language is Urdu, then this book is no less than nectar for them.

I sincerely hope you like this Mufradat book. If you have any suggestions about this book, then please give your suggestion.

Mufradat ul Nabat A Detailed book for unani Mufradat students


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